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Being 30 miles out to sea has been very good to Nantucket. It has preserved a fierce independence, a proud history and an unmatched spirit of entrepreneurship. 

Today, Nantucket Whaler embodies the history, grit, and enduring nature of the island, the sea, and those who journey through it.

We pride ourselves in sourcing the finest, high-count natural fibers and designing sustainable, purposeful clothing for your journey. 

Did you know nearly half of Nantucket is forever protected open space?

We want to keep this protected island safe and healthy for all. On Nantucket, we support initiatives leading to banning the use of plastic straws and dramatically limiting the use of all plastics on island and across the globe. We love our walks on the beaches of Nantucket.  And we always pick up what washes up on our shore.  We hope you do, too.  

For the love of our oceans, whales and Nantucket.